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DriverMax 6.36
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DriverMax 6.36

Publisher:Innovative Solutions
Platform:Vista, Windows
Requirements:Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista, 10 MB free disk space
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

DriverMax - Driver update for any hardware device in your PC! DriverMax is the number one utility for your computer running Windows 7, Vista or XP (32-bit and 64-bit versions, all service packs). It finds and downloads the latest driver versions needed for your PC.

After you click a single button DriverMax scans your PC's hardware devices, finds the best driver version for each of your PC's devices and if you choose so, can download and update the drivers. It can even find the right drivers for devices that Windows doesn't recognize.

DriverMax can also backup the drivers you have installed on your system to a single .ZIP file. This is especially useful when reinstalling Windows - just backup all your drivers, reinstall Windows, and then reinstall all your drivers in a single step which takes a few minutes. This makes reinstalling Windows hassle-free - you no longer have to waste time searching for old driver installation CDs and insert them one by one.

With DriverMax, finding and updating drivers for your PC is easy, fast and automatic.

List of Changes:

Version 6.12 from 2012-01-04

Show all changes

Version 6.11 from 2011-12-14

DriverMax 6 features a brand new interface plus faster driver downloads.

Version 6.0 from 2011-12-07

DriverMax 6 features a lot of updates and a brand new interface.

Version 4.3 from 2008-07-07

Driver downloads are now supported and a lot of new drivers are available.


Driver update for your PC - the new DriverMax

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File Size: 8.7 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Iz0jub 2011-11-07 02:04:21 #
Version: 5.96

I have just used Driver Max and up dated my drivers in Win XP Pro. Unfortunately the sound problems I had were not corrected and in fact I had no sound from the speakers. I then uninstalled the new drivers and my speaker sound came back.The sound from the speakers is perfect using Media Player BUT when watching You Tube videos or web pages with video the sound is very low. You can play movies in VLC and the sound is perfect too.

Spring Clean 2011-08-17 00:06:54 #
Version: 5.8

Hello...your product worked well enough but did not fix my problem so I need a technician to have alook at my computer. Thank you anyway.

Ccph 2011-08-16 21:21:42 #
Version: 5.8


I am LUCK. I was very successful in downloading and installing. I tried it and it worked better as well as faster. I like this software and I will inform my friends or others to try it so that they can be very certain that the software is their right options and requirements.

I am very grateful to you that you offer this to me and that really helps me and spend less time.

Thanks a lot and best wishes!

My best regards,


Df34562 2011-08-08 04:12:18 #
Version: 5.8

Highly recommended program!!!

Morrow2522 2011-04-18 10:23:10 #
Version: 5.8

Thanks, the new driver solved an irritating issue with my scanner. It installed easily and the Driver Agent informed me of a few more out of date drivers that I'll replace. Much appreciated!

Gks68 2011-03-20 22:11:21 #
Version: 5.5

good download only would of appreciated being told that there are costs involved in beforehand.

Format 2011-03-11 02:09:49 #
Version: 5.5

I have found 2 missing drivers for an Asus mainboard for windows 7. I search all the internet, and found it here. Thanks!

Alex69nemeth 2010-12-31 13:55:13 #
Version: 5.5

driver downloaded does not work.i have a acer travelmate 2303wnlci.i put a new hard drive in and loaded windows xp pro but cant play dvd.i have windows media player 11.any help would be gratefull. thanks

Dave Wijas 2010-12-28 21:57:20 #
Version: 5.5

very good. saved me a lot of time while upgrading my hard drives.

Nimir Anu 666 Chaos 666 2010-12-13 08:31:08 #
Version: 5.5

I am currently using the FREE version and must say, it is a very handy tool for keeping your PC up-to-date and running smoothly.



White32 Tinkov 2010-11-10 13:09:48 #
Version: 5.5

Привет.Спасибо создателям это программы.Она мне очень понравилась.Большое спасибо!!!

Dburton 2010-11-03 16:22:40 #
Version: 5.5

Thankyou. I really like your product.

Lordofdoom 2010-09-15 16:52:07 #
Version: 5.5

Hi that thing work just fine for me thanks!

Rbalchin 2010-08-23 03:27:54 #
Version: 5.5

The program was easy to use and i was able to reinstall my hardware without having to deal with the poorly written vendor software.

Thank you

Plpopat 2010-07-19 07:58:28 #
Version: 5.5

I thank you, very much for providing this application worked perfectly...I was able to update my sound card drivers, and now my sound system works..thanks again..

Hake 2010-07-06 07:56:26 #
Version: 5.5

My email, which apprently was not read,stated that I had just upgraded to PRO. I attempted to download several Intel drivers. After an etended period of "installing", I received a message - DOWNLOAD FAILED". This is my second email to you. Are you going to read this one and act?

Marcelo Fassi 2010-06-29 05:54:25 #
Version: 5.5

I only make one test, the product is very good and friendly.

Sbarlin4u 2010-06-24 11:09:08 #
Version: 5.5

Overall the program has worked well. I've been happy with it. Thank you..

Johnpaul Scull 2010-06-14 05:27:54 #
Version: 5.5

thumbs up to this one

BRK BURAK 2010-06-12 06:55:23 #
Version: 5.5

Pretty cool. There is a 2 drivers per day limit but works good.

Paul Clout 2010-06-02 04:53:58 #
Version: 5.4

Worked a treat. Simple tool that mae it easy to clean my PC an stat afresh.

Ggalbavi 2010-05-28 17:25:52 #
Version: 5.4

Program didn't find any drivers that were out of date.Other driver scan programs found 28-46 out of date drivers but required me to pay before they would update them.So I'm not sure if DriveMax is good or not.

Randydenley 2010-05-18 21:28:54 #
Version: 5.4

I must have typoed my email address - i've created a new account with the right address and have just received the activation email thx

typo - ranydenley vs randydenley

Geoffnicoll 2010-05-10 18:43:04 #
Version: 5.4

Worked fine for me. My audio driver was marked as "Unrecognised". DriverMax found several potential drivers; I downloaded the first driver in the list and it installed and worked successfully.

Persens 2010-05-04 10:19:48 #
Version: 5.4


Great! For a change a product that does what it claims. Great product guys and it's free! Peace.

Electric Gnome 2010-04-30 15:37:14 #
Version: 5.4

At present I am getting used to using the free version of Drivermax. Though am a bit suspicious because I haven`t yet found ANY Digitally signed drivers , and one download has failed.Am creating a restore point before installing every single driver . So far haven`t noticed any difference at all in the system or any single programmes performance.Although I found that my anti-virus was disabled after the first download.Will continue observing this programme for a few more days before deleting it entirely.

Mcopot 2010-04-28 03:45:23 #
Version: 5.4

very smooth & fast, only used it for back-ups, did not try yet the re-install after wiping out the portable.
Why can't it recuperate the drivers if there's no INF file?

Gerry Ogborne 2010-04-20 15:39:18 #
Version: 5.4

An easy to use program that updated my drivers without any problems. All in all I was very impressed with what was a free to use program.

Xbsi1234 2010-04-11 03:23:21 #
Version: 5.4

Nice piece of software, easily backed up my drivers prior to a reformat

Rdavis 2010-04-06 10:45:58 #
Version: 5.4

Excellent Software I appreciation the download.

Terrymhammer 2010-03-31 13:08:03 #
Version: 5.4

So far, my experience has been excellent. I'm very good, I thought, at keeping my computer up to date. DriverMax showed me I was a little lax. I recommend it.

Praju4u 2010-03-16 09:00:20 #
Version: 5.4

Excellent Tool, Very cute and tiny application

ICXNC1 2010-02-02 08:26:36 #
Version: 5.4

Very easy to use and very useful.

A Gilmore1 2009-10-08 03:38:36 #
Version: 5.3

DriverMax is a great find. Having to rebuild windows systems and search for drivers is very time consuming. DriverMax takes care of this by saving the original drivers and allowing intervention free reinstallation. Lots of time saved. Excellent program!

Crestviewmisfit 2009-08-29 17:56:25 #
Version: 5.3

so far updated 3 drivers and computer appears to be running better.took a little time to figure out how to use(i.e.1 download 1st day),but of course i'm to stubborn to use help section!overall no complaints and very happy with FREE product.thanx!

Nylonzip 2009-07-30 10:27:41 #
Version: 5.1

too early to give a thorough evaluation but it's now almost two days and only one driver so far downloaded all the rest still queued. too long a wait. the backup and restore feature is maybe the redeeming feature.

Eugene Jones2 2009-07-24 08:56:55 #
Version: 5.1

This software is a life/time/frustration saver! Works just as advertised and is very quick on reinstalling the drivers.

Vhill2249 2009-06-11 08:59:51 #
Version: 4.92

I have downloaded DriverMax 4.92. I rcvd a statement: "Can't download updates with this version. What is the problem. I ran search for Driver Updates. When it finished, The screen where the drivers would appear was shaded out. What is the problem?

Millikjr 2009-06-10 08:20:51 #
Version: 4.92

Very easy to use application.

Jimden1 2009-06-03 20:25:25 #
Version: 4.92

Great idea, once I figured out what was going on. I am not a nerd.
Thank you for your product, it is and will continue to be utilised

Hyogv650 2009-06-03 06:10:11 #
Version: 4.92

The program was simple to install, easy to use and free. It performed exactly as promised. You couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks DriverMax!

Andyyudha 2009-05-24 23:09:08 #
Version: 4.92

Driver max is good and very useful for me.....
good software

Dcw168 2009-05-23 01:43:25 #
Version: 4.92


Good program help me a lot. Thanks.

Shane 2009-04-30 23:29:55 #
Version: 4.92

A really helpfull product, I am so glad that I found it. Thank you.

Najaka 2009-04-10 13:59:21 #
Version: 4.92

good programme
have got many good service whith it

Uwe Oeder 2009-04-01 07:20:54 #
Version: 4.92

Biggest downfall of the program is that it does not support a proxy server for connecting to the internet for corporate inviroments which makes it useless in big companys.

Alex.bigfoot 2009-03-17 08:56:28 #
Version: 4.91

it just worked

it worked like a charm,

took about an hour to re-install the drivers.
but it was hands off, just let it sit and play with it self and it gets the job done as advertised

Matthew Fumia 2009-02-18 13:05:46 #
Version: 4.91

Did The Trick

Saved me hours of searching for the appropriate drivers I needed to finish up a laptop that I just did a fresh install of Windows XP on.

Product install, use, driver install; all were very easy.

Jfdube 2009-02-16 18:43:20 #
Version: 4.91

Good Stuff

Your software really helped me update my pc's. Thanks

Mfsattler 2009-02-15 01:51:26 #
Version: 4.91


I downloaded and installed DriverMax with a little concern... I should not have worried. the istall process was uneventfull, I was able to configure the program with ease and all out of date drivers were updated with no problem.

Richardam2 2009-02-09 17:11:18 #
Version: 4.9

excellent program

I downloaded the program for a trial to install drivers in a computer that required a fresh install of windows xp. I must say this has been very positive experience and wiil recommend the program to my friends and coworkers.

W.prins 2009-02-07 10:43:59 #
Version: 4.9


I did a reinstall of a Windows XP. I didn't have any drivers, I used DriverMax and could use the old drivers again, without any bugs. Easy to use!

Jmas_1023 2009-02-07 10:30:46 #
Version: 4.9

Totally recommended

This software is really amazing and it ease me when i reformat my laptop. For your information, my laptop is Compaq Presario V3745au and it is built to support vista. The drivers for Xp is available but very hard to find. The last time i reformat my laptop and it took me two days to find all the drivers required. This time, using drivermax, few minute to backup before reformatting, few minutes after. And my laptop is ready.

Systemlord 2009-02-03 04:26:32 #
Version: 4.9

Could not even try the Soft

Hello, unfortunately I was unable to try the soft drivermax because it requires an account, which I subscribed to but I never got an activation key! So I uninstalled.

George 2009-01-10 12:23:17 #
Version: 4.8

At last a free download that works !!

Im an ordinary chap that just wanted a prog that would find all the drivers on my laptop / pc without hassle and without adware and simple to use . I searched the net and found DriverMax .Thought i would give it a go as i was about to re-install the laptop therefor it didnt matter if it had adware . After download i was plesantly actually did what it says on the found all my drivers and exported them on to my flash drive ( dongle ? ) the laptop and Drivermax put all the drivers back where they should go .
I cant fault this prog at all ...does what it says with no adware and best of all its FREE .Well done to DriverMax

David 2008-11-10 04:44:42 #
Version: 4.6

Drivermax - it works

The whole procedure worked particularly well and the restore procedure was just as easy. I will recommend the programme and keep it with me to use on clients machines in the future.

Darkinvader1963 2008-10-25 12:40:00 #
Version: 4.6

About DriverMax

Everything that is needed is right at my "FingerTips" The Version,the Time and make of All My Drivers. I don't really need another program to do it for me, And I like the Fact that I don't have to go into "Windows" properties just to find out basic information on a driver. I like it the way it is...
Michael Bonnes

Crni20 2008-10-09 00:13:52 #
Version: 4.5

My review

Dear people! This is great software! Beleive it or not, I had 2 computer similar, but on one there was a little problem because there was something wrong with video card driver... I installed it a million times and I lost 2 weeks of my time! Then I saw DriverMax software on the Internet and I saw that it was free! I installed it and registered it ... Then I extracted video driver from onher same computer, and it worked like a baby! You don't know how much it helped me! I reccomend it to everybody who have problems with computers! It is really great! Thank you guys that made DriverMax!

Gmdewulf 2008-10-02 17:59:19 #
Version: 4.5

Retail Consultant

Some of the recommended drivers work well. Others are a bust (i.e. "Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse - My Version; Latest Version"; Your ID #54D24A41F5A8DF29E81F42A4B8DC8364) resulted in no benefit - quite the contrary in that I had to go back and re-install the older driver (Vista Ultimate SP1 PC). Why can't I tag this as "unworkable for me now" with a 'yellow icon' instead of the 'green check mark' or 'red x'? Still, this is a worthwhile endeavor and I look forward to its increased improvement. I would pay $20.00 - $25.00 per year to subscribe to an improved product.


Tigrantt 2008-10-01 07:44:57 #
Version: 4.4

Excellent program.

It is very excellent program and recommend it all to use the laptop computers.

66.bobhewson 2008-09-19 15:37:02 #
Version: 4.4


Surprised at how many drivers needed updating, and on only a 12 month old laptop!

Process was straightforward.


Danteforconesi 2008-09-17 17:39:39 #
Version: 4.4

Nice prodcut.

I used the product and it worked fine. It's very recomndable.

Ukrainer 2008-07-25 06:13:33 #
Version: 4.3

My review and comments for DriverMax

The program interesting, but there are not many functions: creation of archive of drivers, ability to work through proxi servers in a local network, automatic download of all necessary for an update drivers and all that

Forfun1024 2008-06-19 07:24:06 #
Version: 4.3

No gain!

Your software was of no use to me. All the drivers available for update were up to date on my computer. All those not up to date were not available from your software.


andrep 2008-04-19 17:22:24 #
Version: 4.3

Does what is supposed to do.

Backups your device drivers, organized in folders and outputs an html/txt catalog. Neat! Now I'll take nLite and make an installation disc specific to my laptop.

Maztec-Muppets 2008-04-04 07:38:46 #
Version: 4.3

Time Saver

The amount of times I've had to reinstall an operating system is countless and the time spent after re-installing finding drivers on the net and so forth is infinite. I can't believe the ease it was when I used DriverMax and think its invaluable especially if you have to re-install O/S’s regally. I’ve never written a review for any utility before but this time I thought I’d take the time saved on finding drivers writing one. I certainly would and have already recommended DriverMax to friends and family. To some up on one sentence: So simple but most useful util I’ve used.

balley 2008-03-24 15:48:18 #
Version: 4.3

Drivermax. Excellent programme.

Backed up my sons computers drivers with drivermax, wiped hid hard drive clean installed xp and all the drivers thanx to drivermax it was a piece of cake.

Mark G Schoenhoff 2008-03-06 04:02:25 #
Version: 4.3

This is an awesome program!!!

I had to reformat my Mom's computer, and wasn't sure what programs or software/hardware she'd be needing drivers for. I downloaded DriverMax, and let it do the work for me. It was quick and easy to use, and took all the headaches away, keeping me from having to search the net for all of the current drivers. What a timne saver!!!!

Maineman 2008-02-22 20:56:46 #
Version: 4.3

Great Program - everyone should have it

Besides backing up all yor drivers - which I wish I had the last time I reloaded my system - Finding out quickly which drivers are out of date and what the newer version is -- very cool. The surprise was that I had an unknown device - andthe cryptic description from the device manager was useless. This quickly identified it and what the latest version was. Found i on the TI site and problem is gone. Now if they could just add pointers to where to find the drivers. Clearly it's getting the version info from some source. I've found them by searching, but a link from the tool would make this indispensible. Well, I guess it is already - but it would be great.

Mohicann 2008-01-05 21:53:02 #
Version: 4.3

Glitch installing driver for ethernet card.

Did everything perfectly but for one thing; was not able to install the driver for the ethernet card. Apart
from that, I would recommend it to anybody and to especially one doing a clean install having had issues
with the same operating system before the clean install.

SurreyHans 2007-10-01 10:12:49 #
Version: 4.3

Driver backup

Very esay to use, great utility for every PC User, would recommend for users of all skill levels.

Quiimina 2007-09-12 15:03:16 #
Version: 4.3

Max Review

The software is pretty amazing. I had been given a Compaq with no CD's and after a problem in Windows the Centrino 1.6G was slower than a P2 300 running XP. I decide to Format but how would I get the drivers?

To cut a long story short, thanks to a/ Internet b/ Google c/ Maximum thanks to DriverMax my Laptop is renewed and all drivers are back and i'm more than happy. God Bless the Writers. They are life savers.

The creeping Laptop (before format) tookabpot 4mins to open MyComputer

mitko1 2007-08-08 04:58:21 #
Version: 4.3

no drivers to download

Still there are no drivers to download. I can't find drivers for my PC for 2 months. This program is very helpful, but it doesn't help me yet, because there are no drivers to download. I hope there will be soon. Thank you for understanding, and my bad english.

BeatMan 2007-07-27 16:43:14 #
Version: 4.3

Good product

We used it and it looks very good. Would be good to have the instand download for the new drivers on the list.

JLMullins 2007-06-03 05:56:31 #
Version: 4.3

Great Product

DriveMax works excellent and is simple and easy to use. I back up all my drivers in leass that 2 minutes. I bought a new computer and it had Vista on it, I wanted XP back so I converted back and spent hours searching for drivers, I didn't want to lose all these, so Drive Max solved this back backing everything I work to get.


Techangel 2007-05-28 14:30:22 #
Version: 4.3


Just the bees knees to solve all the problems locating original driver disks required to reinstall windows. We will be saving all the drivers from all makes & models to use with ZenWorks image deployment so that we require only one image for all hardware types.

Hal 2000 2007-04-06 23:54:53 #
Version: 4.3

good program

... used to save drivers and it works nicely !

Alan R 2007-03-01 19:55:53 #
Version: 4.3

DriverMax freeware back-up of drivers

Neat, & quickly documented useful driver info from my system. Not confusing like other similar offerings I looked at. I haven't yet done my re-installation using the extracted data, but it looks as if it will save me more than a little angst when I finally pluck up the courage to do so.

Pery Jordan 2007-01-22 07:57:20 #
Version: 4.3

Perfect for me ZENworks tasks

Excellent tool for capturing drivers to add to my add on drivers image. Thank you very much!

Download Now
File Size: 8.7 Mb